About us

SOLmicroTEK™ is a UK-based company having its R&D facilities, microbiological laboratory and main operational centre residing in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

The group of scientists working within SOLmicroTek™ have many years of experience in the fields of identifying and enumerating biological materials. The unique part of the team’s expertise comes from a blend of pure microbiologists and a team of physicists who have been involved in the innovation of optical systems. This blend of skills has enabled SOLmicroTEK™ to use physics rather than conventional chemistry or biological techniques to detect biological material. Currently the SOLmicroTEK™ analysers are focused on the detection of biofilm build-up in water systems.

The development of the SOLmicroTEK™ remote system provides for the first time in the UK a piece of equipment that can assist responsible persons and cooling tower operators in the on-going control and monitoring of microbiological fouling.

SOLmicroTEK™ are currently seeking partners for distribution of the remote analysers should you require information then please contact johnlewis@solmicrotek.com