What is SOLmicroTEK™

The SOLmicroTEK™ unit uses a novel, purpose-designed, compact, optical system to detect the presence of biofilm growing in water systems. Data is collected at 15 minute intervals, 24/7, and is transmitted back to SOLmicroTEK’s secure servers via encrypted 3G communications or secure Wi-Fi.

As the system monitors 24/7 it presents continuing trends in biofilm level and allows the user to adopt appropriate control measures. The system also automatically measures the average water temperature and average water flow rate. Redox, biocide and inhibitor levels are also monitored.

Data is made available to the client automatically, in a form and frequency to suit each individual customer’s needs, using an easy-to-use, secure, website portal. Alerts are delivered to the responsible person and their deputy via email, SMS text or direct to BMS system.

What thickness of biofilm can be detected?

The SOLmicroTEK™ unit is able to detect regions of biofilm as small as 5-10 micron across and of similar thickness.

What other information is collected?

Water temperature (averaged and instantaneous) , ambient temperature, water flow rates (averaged and instantaneous), biocide level indication, and redox level information is collected and made available to the customer via an easy-to-use, secure, online portal. The portal can be customised to suit the user’s individual requirements and display the data collected in the manner most relevant to each particular customer.