Our Work

The SOLmicroTEKTM device is easily retrofitted into an existing water system. It can be fitted into to an existing cooling tower, incoming cold water supply, cold water storage tank, hot water supply, tap feeds or the hot water return to a calorifier, It will detect the presence of biofilm whilst also automatically measuring the average water temperature and average water flow rate. Biocide and inhibitor levels are also monitored.

The main benefit of this remote unit is that it provides biofilm monitoring on a continuous basis 24 hour per day. Each remote system is also able to provide the following information:

  • Biofilm status
  • Temperature, Redox, Flow rate information
  • Biocide and Inhibitor levels are monitored
  • Data is transmitted via 3G or Wi-Fi, no additional infrastructure.
  • Automatic reporting in a form and frequency to suit the customer needs.
  • Alerts via email, SMS text or direct to BMS system delivered to the responsible person and his/her deputy.

The remote unit has the ability to detect the presence of biofilm and can instantly report this status to the end user/responsible person.  Further to this as the system will be monitoring 24/7 it will present continuing trends in biofilm level and allow the user to adopt appropriate control measures.

The SOLmicroTEKTM unit can be fitted in a matter of hours and once connected will provide data without the requirement for further site access to restricted areas.